The event aimed to provide a platform for the development of solutions aligned with SDGs, target of Paris Agreements and the objectives of the UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub. The session will present an integrated framework which brought together key stakeholders from the innovation and Entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa to support youth and women in implementing climate actions respectively solutions.  Building on the mobile revolution and development of digital/frontier technologies, youth are emerging as game changing entrepreneurs who are developing frugal green innovations to address challenges however, stakeholder support is still very fragmented and as a result support for locally appropriate climate innovation in developing countries is often weak or absent. Nonetheless, with the right knowledge, skills, mentorship, financial resources and enabling policies, youth-led enterprises can grow economies and create job opportunities while leapfrogging classical development paths that contributing to SDGs.

The event therefore highlighted a multi-stakeholder approach to promote green technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship through the engagement of youth and women in implementing local climate action while also contributing to transforming their local economy for a low-emission and climate-resilient future. Moreover, the session explored the cooperation opportunities and capacity building gaps presented in Article 6 of the Paris agreement and demonstrate how using the quintuple helix framework of academic, policymakers, innovators, funders and development actors, the potential of international carbon market can be harnessed to finance youth and women innovations for climate actions in Africa. Furthermore, this event presented challenges, showcased examples and presents opportunities for women innovators and entrepreneurs to access learning to strengthen digital and ideation skills, while growing their enterprises based on their climate action solutions.

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