In collaboration with UNICEF, Greenovations project partners hosted a youth focused side event to explore the lessons that can be learnt from leading African nations and young people and ask what more can be done – especially by those most responsible for finding solutions to the accelerating climate crisis – to protect children, young people and the most vulnerable in Africa and beyond. The event provided a critical platform for children, youth and policy makers within COP27 to showcase examples of best practice, and to accelerate action. Specifically, it explored: i) How African countries are adapting child critical social services, and are building these provisions into their climate policies including NDC’s: ii) How children and young people across the continent are driving climate solutions and action, and the role of climate education and greens skills in building their adaptive capacity; and iii) What lessons can be learnt from African progress, and what now needs to be done within and outside of the continent of Africa to protect children, youth and the most vulnerable from the very worst impacts of a crisis not of their making.

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