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Webinar ‘Synergy Between Research Centres and Tech Hubs in Africa for Knowledge-Based Innovations’

June 12 @ 11:00 12:00 CEST

In the second installment of the Greenovations Webinar Series, Victor Konde, Scientific Affairs Officer with UNECA; the Head of GIZ Make-IT programme in Africa, Matthias Rehfeld; the Manager of Makerere University Innovation Pod, Cathy Ikiror; the CEO of UM6P Ventures, Yassine Laghzioui; and Board Member of AfriLabs, Itoro Emembolu, will examine the role and best practices of research centres and tech hubs in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa.

This session will:

  • Discuss the nature of innovations at technologies and innovation hubs and universities in Africa
  • Highlight the added value of integrating research and development process to tech hubs
  • Examine the successful models and best practices that research centres and tech innovation hubs should adopt in developing, supporting and promoting knowledge-based start-ups
  • Highlight the opportunities and way forward for strengthening the research-tech ecosystem agenda in Africa

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, June 12th at 11:00 AM CEST / 9:00 AM GMT for an engaging discussion guided by Erick Tambo, head of Pan African Cooperation and Educational Technologies at United Nations University Vice Rectorate in Europe and manager of the Greenovations Africa project.

The Greenovations Webinar Series

This webinar series is presented by the Greenovations project, implemented by the United Nations University and consortium of partners, to share key findings and insights with key actors to strengthen the African entrepreneurial community to meet global challenges.

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Matthias Rehfeld is Head of the GIZ Make-IT program in Africa.

Itoro Emembolu is a Board Member of AfriLabs, a network of over 470 innovation hubs & centres across 53 African Countries. She is also the Lead of the AfriLabs Research Group, a Connector for Digital Africa and a researcher at University of Alberta, Canada. Itoro is a Director at TechQuest STEM Academy, a nonprofit organization that builds capacities and provides training, tools and resources, for digital literacy and capability building.

Victor Konde is a Scientific Affairs Officer at UNECA and ECA’s focal point on science, technology and innovation. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry (United Kingdom) and is a Post-Doctoral alumnus of Harvard University. He is the founder of the African Technology Development Forum (ATDF, Geneva/Switzerland) and a Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Science. He works closely with AUDA-NEPAD, AU and about 70 universities and R&D institutions in Africa and beyond.

Cathy Ikiror is a lecturer and researcher in the department of Marketing and Management, College of Business and Management Sciences at Makerere University, Uganda. She is an adjunct faculty at Strathmore University Business School and the co-director for the Africa Research Network at York. Currently, Cathy is the Manager at Makerere University Innovation Pod (Mak Unipod) established in August 2022. The Mak Unipod is a platform that transforms research outputs through commercialisation into innovations for industrialisation.

Yassine Laghzioui is the CEO of UM6P Ventures and Director of Entrepreneurship & Venturing at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), Morocco. He plays a key role in driving innovation and fostering entrepreneurship across Africa. As the founder and CEO of Phova Tech, a leading hard tech startup, Yassine showcases his expertise in the tech industry. Through UM6P Ventures, the investment arm of UM6P, Yassine has built a significant presence in the venture capital world in Africa, focusing on identifying and nurturing DeepTech ventures.